Interethnic Relations: Multidisciplinary Approaches
13 - 15 May, 2009 | Lisbon, Portugal

Assigned Workshops | 13 - 15 May, 2009 | 11:15 to 13:00

Assigned Workshop A: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Charles Westin  Stockholm University / CEIFO (Sweden)

Martha Montero-Sieburth  University of Amsterdam / IMES (The Netherlands)

Manolis Pratsinakis
 University of Macedonia (Greece)

Flip Lindo
 University of Amsterdam / IMES (The Netherlands)

Assigned Workshop B: Methodological Dilemma's

Edurne Bartolomé Peral  University of Deusto (Spain)

Erik Snel  Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

An 'Insider' Looking 'In': Methodological Considerations of Auto Ethnography
João Sardinha  University of Coimbra / CES (Portugal)

Assigned Workshop C: Discrimination

Discrimination is a Sub-set of Unequal Treatment
Michael Banton  University of Bristol (UK)

Rinus Penninx  University of Amsterdam / IMES (The Netherlands)

Ethnic Affirmative Action | Ethnicity and Class
Veit Bader  University of Amsterdam / IMES (The Netherlands)

Rethinking"Equality" and "unequal Treatment": What are We Thinking About When We Talk About Discrimination?
From Negative Visibility to Positive Invisibility - Who Needs to use Gypsies [Roma] as the Anti-citizens of Civilized Europe?
José Pereira Bastos  New University of Lisbon / FCSH (Portugal)

Aitor Ibarrola  University of Deusto (Spain)

Regular Workshops

Wednesday, 13th May | 14:15 to 17:30

Interethnic Relations and Social Cohesion in the Neighbourhood
Rob Bijl  The Netherlands Institute for Social Research / SCP (The Netherlands)
Han Hentzinger  Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Living Together in the Neighborhood: Social Dynamic of Group Identities
Mariya Dzhengozova  International Centre for Migration Policy Development (Austria)

Ethnic, Religious and Economic Diversity in the Neighbourhood: Explaining Quality of Contact with Neighbours, Trust in the Neighbourhood and Inter-ethnic Trust for Immigrant and Native Residents 
Jaap Dronkers & Bram Lancee  European University Institute (Italy)

Interethnic Interactions in Urban Public Spaces: Processes of Social Integration
Karin Peters  Wageningen Universiteit (The Netherlands)

Presentation Geitonies Project | Geitonies Project Website
Maria Lucinda Fonseca  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

Boundary, Inter-ethnic Relations and Differentiation in Contexts of Impending Ethnicity
Susana Pereira Bastos  
New University of Lisbon / FCSH (Portugal)

Africans and Afrodescendants in Argentina. The Study of Multiple Relationships from an Anthropological Perspective
Marta Maffia  CONICET / UNLP (Argentina)

Interethnic Relations in School Education as One of the Factor for the Ethnic Conflicts in North Caucasus Republics
Irina Molodikova  Central European University (Hungary)

How Globalised Cultural Trends and International Institutions Influence the Construction of Ethnicity in Colombia
Jean Paul Sarrazin  MIGRINTER (France)

The Organization of Collective Memory by Romanians and Hungarians in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) After 1989
Albert Jakab Zsolt  Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (Romania)

"I'm Not Like All These Latinos". From Ethnicization to Selective Ethnicity Appropriation as a Level for Social Integration Overseas
Paolo Boccagni  University of Trento (Italy)

For all Muslims: Religious Imagination and Micro-Politics in a Lisbon Mosque
José Mapril  CRIA (Portugal)

Gypsies in South Portugal: Space, Place, Strategies and Institutional Politics
Micol Brazzabeni  CRIA (Portugal)

From Clown-Brazil to Europe-Portugal: Intricate Dimensions of Class and Gender in Female Brazilian Immigrants' Strategies
Elsa Rodrigues CRIA (Portugal)

Migrants & Ethnic Minorities and Citizen's Participation
Erik Snel  Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Martha Montero-Sieburth  University of Amsterdam / IMES (The Netherlands)

Erik Snel  Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Citizenship Practices and Transnationalism in Spanish Cities. The Case of Romanian Migrants
Irina Ciornei  Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)

The Emerging Community Leadership and Transnational Politics of Mexicans National Immigrants in New England
Martha Montero-Sieburth  University of of Massachusetts-Boston (USA)

Thursday, 14th May | 14:15 to 17:30

Methodological Considerations in Cross-comparative Studies in the Field of Inter-ethnic Relations at the Neighbourhood Level in European Urban Spaces
Maria Lucinda Fonseca  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)
Jennifer McGarrigle  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

Ursula Reeger  Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria)
Tiziana Nazio Oxford University (UK)
Socio-ethnic Structures of European Metropolises: Discussing Methodological Approaches
Maria Lucinda Fonseca  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)
Jennifer McGarrigle  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

Jorge Malheiros  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

Other Participants: Research Team  of the GEITONIES Project - Generating Interethnic Tolerance and Neighbourhood Integration in European Urban Spaces. A Project Funded by Seventh Framework Programme of European Union

Note: Timing of this workshop will be from 14:15 to 15:30

Inter-ethnic Communication and Multiculturalism in European Mediascape
Karina Horsti  University of Helsinki / CEREN (Finland)
Marta Rosales  New University of Lisbon / FCSH (Portugal)
Angela Nilsson  Stockholm University (Sweden)

Angela Nilsson  Stockholm University (Sweden)

From Multiculturalism to Cultural Diversity: European Public Service Broadcasting and Challenge of Migration
Karina Horsti  University of Helsinki / CEREN (Finland)

The Challenge of Diversity in the French Mediascape
Isabelle Rigoni  Migrinter / University of Poitiers (France)

Gente da Nossa - the Production of a Mediated "Portuguese Discourse in Canada" 
Marta Rosales  New University of Lisbon / FCSH (Portugal)

From Stumbling Blocks to Building Blocks: Seeking a Suitable Concept to Address Radio Initiatives in Migratory Contexts
Inês David  New University of Lisbon / CRIA / FCSH (Portugal)

Multiculturalism in Transition. Representation of Migrants in Faith Akin's Contemporary Cinema
Claudia Barucca & Ilaria De Pascalis  DiCoSpe / Università Roma Tre (Italy)

Images of Diversity: Migrant Filmmaking in Diverse Brussels
Arne Saeys  Kadir Has Üniversitesi (Turkey)

Friday, 15th May | 11:15 to 15:30

The Role of Emotions in Interethnic Relationships of Muslims: Feminism and Masculinities
Christien Van Den Anker  University of the West of England (UK)

Intersectionality, Space and Emotion: Developing Reflexive Methodologies for Engaged Scholarship
Laura Zahra McDonald  University of Birmingham (UK)

Engagement and Partnership Within Counter-terrorism: Making Space for Emotion, Humans as Psycho-social Subjects
Basia Spalek  University of Birmingham (UK)

Young People and (Resisting) Ethnic Stereotypes in Bulgaria: The Case of Chalga Music
Apostol Apostolov  University of Turgovishte (Bulgaria)

Islamophobia and its Origins: A Study Among Dutch Youth
Jolanda Van der Noll & Henk Dekker  Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (Germany)

Saving Muslim Women: The Issue of Gender (in)Equality and the Construction of the "Muslim Other"
Maria-Teresa Herrera

Muslim and Non-muslim Women Healing the Hurts of Muslim Oppression
Christien Van den Anker  University of the West of England (UK)

Challenging Multilevel Discrimination: Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace
Joana Sousa Ribeiro  University of Coimbra / CES (Portugal)
Sónia Pereira  University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

The Diversity in Healthcare: Intercultural or Interethnic Relations in Hospitals?
Joana Sousa Ribeiro  University of Coimbra / CES (Portugal)

Studying Ethnic Discrimination in The Dutch Labour Market Through the Use of Correspondence Testing: In Search of the Appropriate Method of Analysis
Iris Andriessen & Eline Nievers  Netherlands Institute for Social Research / SCP (The Netherlands)

Structural Discrimination in The Basque Labour Market
Aitor Ibarrola  University of Deusto (Spain)

Turkish Migrants and Native Germans Compared: The Effect of Inter-ethnic and Intra-ethnic Friendships on the Transition from Unemployment to Work
Bram Lancee & Anne Hartung  European University Institute (Italy)

Panel Sessions

Wednesday, 13th May | 11:15 to 13:00

Interethnic Marriages / Families: The Easiest Way Toward Integration?

Maria Luisa Setién  University of Deusto (Spain)

Union Patterns of Migrants and Migrants' Children According to Origin of Spouses and its Impact on their Fertility
Jean-Louis Rallu  Institut National D'Etudes Démographiques (France)

Lost in Translation? Marriages between African Immigrants and Japanese Women
Djamila Schans  Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

Factors Affecting International Marriage Survival. A Theoretical Approach
Don DeVoretz  Simon Fraser University / RIIM (Spain)
Nahikari Irastoza  University of Deusto (Spain)

Thursday, 14th May | 11:15 to 13:00

The Presentation of Self in Every-day Interethnic Communication

Alina Esteves  
University of Lisbon / CEG (Portugal)

Institutionalization of the Occurrence of Immigrants. The case of the Ukrainians and Armenians in Poland
Marta Biernath  Centre of Migration Research / University of Warsaw (Poland)

Immigration & Criminality - From Calais to Dover Wombs: The Ritual of Entrance
Eloka Nwolisa  Interculturalism, Migration & Minorities Research Centre (Belgium)